Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors


Updated Slavonski Brod to 8


Sindlesham (Wokingham/Reading), UK.
Suggest adjusting GPS to (51.428300, -0.898900) nudging location approx 100 m WSW (current pin location plots in the River Loddon!).
The annotated map below showing the construction area is taken from the Supercharger app and tallies with other photos of the site posted on user forums.



It’s so you can get a quick car wash while you charge. :smile:


Fixed up :slight_smile:


Haha! Now it’s a bit drier thanks to @chuq :smile:
Actually I think locals say that the area is prone to flooding - the hotel is on stilts/pillars to allow floodwater to pass underneath. Apparently the superchargers are on slightly higher ground. Maybe visitors should pack rubber gloves and wellies just in case :anguished:


The “forum” hyperlink for the Corona, CA supercharger is no longer working because TMC moved the original thread it was pointing to and merged it with a second Corona supercharger thread in a different section. The new link target should be:


Algarve, Portugal is open
Clare, Michigan is under construction


The supercharger in San Carlos, CA, USA doesn’t have its correct 72 kW listed, and so ABetterRoutePlanner thinks it’s 120 kW. shows it correctly as 72 kW. Can someone correct that on

  • Haverslev, Denmark, listed as 8 stalls, but is actually now 16 stalls (as indicated correctly on Tesla link).
  • Hjørring, Denmark, listed as 8 stalls, but is actually now 12 stalls (as indicated correctly on Tesla link).
    Would someone correct this please? Thanks!


Swartz Creek, MI – Based on new pictures from @mrau in the TMC thread, GPS location should be adjusted to 42.967440, -83.828794