Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors


Leesburg, VA - Based on new pictures from @vdiv in the TMC thread, it looks like the GPS co-ords should be about: 39.089677, -77.526324

At least that’s in the area that is fenced off for staging the construction materials and I’m assuming that the actual stalls will be in the same location.


Thanks, updated! It’s always tricky when it’s in a large site like a shopping centre.


Yes, The Leesburg Supercharger will be at the “Village at Leesburg”, Garage C, level 2C, the entrance is at Tupper Way SE and Red Hawk Lane SE, Leesburg, VA 20175, sorry, don’t have a street number.

There will be 10 urban stalls, 72 kW each.


Hmmm. Not sure why, but the Leesburg cone is still showing in the old position. The coordinates in the Data tab is still the old location as well. Maybe the change didn’t get saved?


You’re right - nothing in the change history! Now fixed, and I checked the log after to make sure :slight_smile:


The North York Supercharger will have the traditional stalls. Again, great find Chuq for St-Leonard nb!


Since the new location in Downtown LA–“Los Angeles - Francisco St., CA”–is apparently only accessible via the host hotel’s valet, I think a (Valet) tag appended to the name/title as was done for the “San Jose - Santana Row (Valet), CA” location is called for.

Are there other locations that are also limited to valet-only which don’t have this tag? Probably some of the New York City ones? I seem to recall that some/many of those locations are either valet or parking attendant managed.


Baychester, NY - better GPS location: 40.863680, -73.829160


SuC Slavonski Brod in Croatia should be updated from “permit” to “construction”. Here is the link on Facebook with published pictures from the site, very close to APIOS gas station in Slavonski Brod, near motorway A3 in Croatia.


Thanks @akojic2000 - updated!


Wow! After almost 2 years of a standing permit!


There are some places that really move slowly… We have 2 permits in France over 2 years old now. And 2 sites under construction in UK that has been going for 2 years. And another in UK in process of construction for 1,5 years…


Can you link the Slovanski brod pin to this thread?


Another one, Swartz Creek


There is a new supercharger under construction in Leiderdorp in The Netherlands:

It will have 16 stalls and is located next to the Tulip Inn:


Can you link it to the TMC Netherlands forum?


I know you already have listed the Indianapolis-Capitol Avenue site as open, but I was able after the fact to find the building permit was issues on Nov 13, 2018.

I don’t have any information on when construction began.

Thought I’d let you know if case you wanted to update history on the site more for statistical purposes of how long it took.


Around the San Antonio Texas area there are three blue dots, only one is valid (Huebner Oaks), the other two are not.
The one on Thousand Oaks is an Electrify America site
The one in Boerne was just a rumor, nothing more.
Please keep the Huebner Oaks site and delete the other two.


The Supercharger at Annapolis MD. is online.


SuC at Slavonski Brod, Croatia have 8 stalls (but not 6)