Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors


Yes I noticed it as well my apologies is was looking for Rødekro and not for Aabenra. In the Tesla navigation it is referred to as Rødekro as well. Apologies again was happy to an unmentioned suc so I thought :frowning:


It looks like National Harbor, MD has been closed - a new site is under construction across the road. It’s no longer listed as active on the navigation or on the Tesla web site.


Thanks @JSergeant, I’ve marked it as closed. Not sure if it is best to wait, and move the existing pin to the new site when open, or start a new “construction” pin for the new one now. Depends on if @keith sees value in retaining the historical data of each site. Thoughts anyone?


The closed pin isn’t working right now (see tmc) so maybe an under construction would work?


Currently the the CLOSED_PERMANENTLY status will make a site disappear from the map as there is no layer for permanently closed locations. I could add such a layer in the future.

In a case like this I guess we might as well close the old site and create a new one. History will be more accurate that way I suppose.


OK I think I have this unusual situation sorted:


New/updated info on the Frederick, MD supercharger

10 stalls (not 12) of 120 kW variety.

approx. GPS location within the mall parking lot: 39.384694, -77.405528


Paulsboro nj is open


I forgot there’s this thread… I’ll post corrections here now!

The Livermore supercharger location is old, it was based on a guess from the permit stage. It should be here: 37.700349, -121.841063

The original San Ramon location (the one that’s open) is slightly off and should be here: 37.762920, -121.963662

EDIT: The San Carlos location should be here: 37.502912, -122.245569


The new Elverum Supercharger only has 1 stall?