Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors

I figured instead of adding a new thread for any needed updates, data entry errors, typos, or other mistakes people come across it would be better to have a single thread and people can just make a comment in it instead of starting a new thread each time.

Livermore, CA - It’s listed as 120 kW, but is actually Urban-style 72 kW chargers.

Fixed it, thanks!

Drove past the Shelby Iowa site this morning and construction is underway.

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Yamachiche, QC- Address should read 14 Route Sainte-Anne O.

It’s a bit weird since the road actually turns into “Rue” just a bit down the way, but the correct address is the “Route” location. Apparently, this doesn’t affect where the red dot is located on but the gmap link sends it to the wrong spot down the road and anyone searching by address will be steered wrong.

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Westminster, CA – New site visit has seen 24 stalls and previously shown that they are urban chargers @ 72kW.

Bethany, MO – Stalls are 120kW variety.

Fort MacLeod, AB - city spelled wrong
Owen Sound, ON - zipcode has city name in it
Albuquerque NM - supercharger name is missing comma between city and state
Aire de Reims-Champagne-Nord - supercharger name is missing country in name
Aire de Reims-Champagne-Sud - supercharger name is missing country in name
Aix-en-Provence - Val de l'Arc - supercharger name is missing country in name

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Thanks for the updates/corrections mociaf9 and tes-s. Have applied these.

San Marcos, TX - expansion project has finished work. Needs updating to 12 stalls.

San Marcos, TX updated to 12.

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Fort Worth, TX - The just opened superchargers are 72 kW urban-style, not 120 kW. Tesla’s website is wrong as well.

Victoria, BC - Red dot is off from actual position in the shopping center, shows it in the wrong building/garage area. A better GPS location would be: 48.456410, -123.375839

Thanks mociaf9, fixed both of those!

Thanks especially for the GPS co-ords - that is the only piece of info that is usually omitted from posts and needs to be looked up. Saves a lot of time when they are included :slight_smile:


West Nyack, NY - Update to show 20 stalls, instead of 16.

Woodbridge, NJ - Address should read 440 King Georges Rd (with an ‘s’ at the end)

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Fixed Woodbridge NJ, thanks :slight_smile:

Chicago, IL - 1100 S Canal St superchargers are the 72 kW variants. Tesla’s website is wrong.

Laytonville, CA
started construction last week

Next to the rodekro supercharger (currently shell) there will be a new one with 10stalls

The place is a fast-food chain called sunset boulevard

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That looks like this one - already listed!