Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors

I was at Antequera on Tuesday, construction has started. I counted 12 stalls.

But looks like it still will take some time to finish :wink:

Location is correct, at the Repsol ServiceStation

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Gracias! I’ve set it to construction and updated the number of stalls.

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Blintendorf, Austria - Construction

12 instead of 16 Stalls

Source: Kärnten heute vom 26.01.2023 um 19:00 Uhr – ORF-TVthek

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NewnÖrnsköldsvik Sweden v3 is up and running according to Tesla app.

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Thanks @borgward. This has been added now. Looks like it might have opened a week ago.

Yes something like that - according to tesla group sweden.

According to the same thread in the group, Åre Sweden is not connected yet. It is apparently a temporary installation for the coming ski holiday season .

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Thanks for the info.
We will keep an eye of Åre - Sweden and to remove when needed,

Ludvika Sweden has opened yesterday.


Reinfeld, Germany: The supercharger will not apply to my routes when planning in ABRP. I have to force set it as waypoint, but then the estimated charging time is way too long (3 h 02 min charging from 20% to 92%).
In info/settings in ABRP 150 kWh CCS charging is not an option. I have charged my X75D with CCS retrofit (150 kWh) at Reinfeld.
Kind regards, Trond.

HI @Tronoki
This seems a better question to ask on the ABRP forums

We are not affiliated in any way with them.

Maybe it doesn’t recognise that your car is retrofitted and this is a CCS only or something. But I would take it up with them at ABRP.

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Ok, thank you for answering. I will ask in the ABRP forums.
However, I noticed just now that in ABRP the Reinfeld supercharger is marked as “broken” / not operational (which may explain the route planning problem). Is this due to data from or is it an error in ABRP? When pushing the “actions” button it refers to editing in
Due to Tesla site and app the supercharger seems operational.

Hello again;
Reported to ABRP. ABRP / Iternio Planning AB has now set the charger as operational.

Supercharger in permitting process, 5354 Premier Way, Naples, FL

12 V3 Stalls

New Supercharger coming to Springfield, MO later this year. The plans are for a new 19 stall (I only see 16 in the site plans) 250 kW Tesla Supercharger station at the new Buc-ee’s under construction near I-44 and North Mulroy Rd. Construction of the Buc-ee’s is planned to be completed in December 2023.

Here is the site plan:

Here is the article talking about the construction:

Here is a high-res color render of the site plan (superchargers will be on the far west side of the parking lot):

Here is the exact location of construction:


Merry Hill, UK
There is some confusion about this site because planning permission has been spotted at one location (Port West Retail Park) but construction of a new Supercharger has now taken place at a different location nearby (Merry Hill intu retail centre). At time of writing the location pin is at the Port West location but the construction status should refer to the Merry Hill retail centre.
I’d suggest keeping the planning pin at Port West although it may now not be developed as the Merry Hill site looks to be a be better option and is very close (UK planning takes 3 years to expire).
Reference for Port West (PLANNING - 12 stalls) (already used by the marker):

EDIT: suggested name for Port West location: Brierly Hill, UK

Reference for Merry Hill (CONSTRUCTION - 14 stalls):
Wiki - UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News | Page 283 | Tesla Motors Club (links to a Twitter post)
I think I’ve geolocated the Merry Hill site at (52.483400, -2.113500) from the photo.

Alvdal, Norway has 36 stalls, not 28 stalls.

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Thanks @cezdoc.
I just presumed that it was the same site.

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This was a tricky one because both sites are near Tesla’s vague Merry Hill - Coming Soon marker (which is about 3 miles away). I can see from the map that you’ve split them into two locations now - thanks!

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