Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors

Biberwier, Austria
These temporary Superchargers are disconnected and not usable. Not sure if it is permanent

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Isn’t this thread monitored by admins? The Austrian supercharger site mentioned above show up as an active supercharger in the map. It is not. It is disconnected, and i was misled to this site. It should be removed from the map asap.


Thanks, it has been updated now.

We often get to them within a day but occasionally it takes us a couple of days to get a update.



Saint Jean de Maurienne (France) SUC -still under construction- location is not accurate on the map. Can you update it to 45.266560, 6.372757 please ?

Thanks !


Thanks I have updated the location.


Manzanares, Spain now has all 10 stalls open !

(thanks for the info, @JParzival )


Thanks updated


It’s reopened, I see no one seems to be monitoring this since it had not been updated in 2 weeks…

@sebcool20 for very short term closures we (often) don’t update the status on the site.

If say the site brunt down or major road reworking where access is denied for months then we mark them temporary closed.

Often sites can be unavailable for very short time spans where someone reports a site is temp down in a power cut for example but if is back later in the day.

For repairs of something (as in your case) it is more tricky to know how long it is down. It could have been fixed that day or it could be much longer. Personally (i did see your message earlier) I was going to leave it week or so to make sure it was down rather than a temp blip.

Should have communicate it better.


St Jean de Maurienne (France) SUC has not 7 stalls but 8 (plus 4 “destination chargers”).
It should open in august according to the hotel manager.

Sagunto, Spain has 8 V3 instead of 4 V3 stalls.
Athenry, Ireland only has 4 stalls instead of 8. 4 are installed but still inoperable and are covered.

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Please update Adda Sud & Nord, Italy according to the map.


Done. Thank you.


This one is also fixed (changed to 4) for now.


St Jean de Maurienne (France) SUC has not 7 stalls but 8 (plus 4 “destination chargers”) and is open since today ! :slight_smile:


Thanks updated this.

Owatonna SC (Owatonna, MN). This is confirmed to have 12 dispensers not 14. I talked to Tyler the owner of the host site, Culver’s restaurant. Currently 12 are under construction.

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The address given for the Luling TX supercharger is incorrect.

The correct address for this Luling Buc-ee’s is:

10070 I-10 Ottine TX 78658

Interestingly, the location shown on the map is correct, but if you click on the gmap link, it goes to the wrong location which coincidentally is another travel center I-10, but not Buc-ee’s

Thanks for the report. It looks like Guacahummus corrected the address on 8/8, so perhaps you could refresh the site and try again.

(I’ve moved this post to the thread for reporting data errors)

GF4 Berlin installed solar canopy and converted all 19 V3 stalls to V4!

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