Superchargers - Puerto Rico

2 new SC in Puerto Rico under construction

  1. 8 stalls V3 in San Patricio , Guaynabo
  2. 8 steals V 3 in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Hi @teslapowerwallpr, welcome to the forum!

Are you able to provide any photos of the construction sites?



San patricio


Thanks for the photos, @teslapowerwallpr. In order to post these to we’ll also need addresses and GPS coordinates for each location. Can you also provide those?

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I’m going to assume the San Patricio one is here (although a more exact location would be helpful!)

18.4093, -66.1054

100 St Patrick Ave, Guaynabo, 00968, Puerto Rico

The other one, I attempted to use Geoguessr skills to locate it (I looked through a few of the largest shopping malls in Mayaguez - thought the red curved roof would be distinctive enough to locate) - but no luck, yet!)


Mayaguez Wii be in the parking of Supermercado Mr. Special

18.16102° N, 67.14650° W

San Patricio, I am not sure but I think is

18.40782° N, 66.10498° W


Thank you - now both updated!

I couldn’t find the curved red roof so it must be an update since the last Google images were taken… my hunting was in vain!

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