Superchargers in Slovakia

New sc in building process at shopping centre Optima in Košice in Slovakia. There will be 4 stalls with option for another 4 stalls. Coordinates: 48,695112; 21,235596
Will be finnished in two weeks.


Do you have any photos?

Sure. There is a thread about it at
There are two pictures from building proces and some docu from planing and technical docu.


Thank you for letting us know. The site was added as construction even though on the pictures only preparation work can seen.

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SC is running since 3.12.2020

Next SC (fifth) in Slovakia will be near Trenčín. Probably near the exit from highway Trenčín - Západ. First I thought it would be at OC Laugaricio shopping mall, but they didn’t strike a deal.

Sixth will be probably near the city Lučenec. My guess is the Miraj Resort at GPS 48.34106853194237, 19.688723087310795

New supercharger in Trenčín appeared in Teslas map. The location is in shopping center OC Laugaricio. This placement was previously disputed because of failed negotiations. Maybe things changed for better. It is in state of planing.


There is something brewing near Žilina. I will keep you informed. The Trenčín location is frozen for now.