Supercharger - Valdepeñas, Spain

New supercharger almost built at Valdepeñas, Spain.
12 SuC + 4 TWC.

@Rovastar | @Kaliningrad


Thank you

Do you have coordinates for us?


@blackmoe , just received them.

38.779750, -3.388389

Next to a JYSK


Obviously, Manzanares will be 4 stalls for ever.
So this one is very welcome.

@S-19910 I’m glad to tell you are wrong :wink:
Manzanares had 6 stalls activated some weeks ago.

Therefore, there will be 2 SuC in just 20km. Very needed for the zone, as it is midway in the route Madrid - Málaga

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More good news !
Thanks for the correction.
Haven’t been to Mazanares since beginning of June.
The 6 unused stalls had the second (CCS) cable installed some time ago, so we were optimistic then.
But no change for long.
anyway, 10 stalls V2 @Mazanares + 12 stalls V3@ Valdepenas will easily get us from Madrid to Guarroman. (+Jaén IF not iced :rage: )
And then Plaza Mayor (open) and Antequera (must be about to open, last time I was there all but the trashbins were installed) ! Happy Tesla Drivers !

If only Ramada @Getafe would come to their senses…


New picture posted by user of Club Tesla Spain today!

Built, but not activated.