Supercharger sites' data which need updating or contain errors

Please note, the Gol, Norway supercharger is listed as max 135 kw, but on it is listed as 150 kw.

Please note, only the values from the in-car map are relevant. The value from the website means nothing. Tesla just changed every site on the website to “up to 150 kW” (in Europe?) recently even sites that are just working at 100kW.

It’d be good to have a new status of “Additional” or similar for when locations get expanded.

Currently, “London - Westfield” has
Fri, Oct 17 2014 update 24 stalls 150 kW

Which is a bit silly, there were only 24 Teslas in the UK at that time. (There weren’t but you get the picture.) The true history isn’t available.

I didn’t spot this change and don’t know when it was expanded.

In this case just click on the forum/discuss link, if you want to know when the update was reported.

Well the site is in need of some very important changes, but Keith the programmer and owner has it made his priority to program his offspring to be working members of society rather than to program this site. So do not expect that feature soon.

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Tsk, priorities. :slight_smile:

Hudson, WI should be removed.

London - North Greenwich, UK

When it first went live, 6 of 12 stalls were commissioned which is reflected in the entry. All 12 are now live, see:

(They were live well before now, possibly even by mid January, but the gap between the first 6 and the remainder being commissioned was more than a week).

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It seems that the Mosjoen charger in Norway is two times listed. One as blue one as red. The are so closed to each other that the BLUE (permit) is covering the RED status. I guess the BLUE one is obsolete and can be removed.


Thank you for letting us know. The entry was updated.

No, they have different names (Mosjøen and Mosjøen Handelspark). Mosjøen Handelspark was added with permit status in 2019 and Mosjøen is was opened 2014. Is there any base for your assumption? Did you look into the details and read the discuss/forum links?

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Hillsboro, OR: I think it was updated to a cone by mistake. I think the editor meant to update Ontario, OR to a cone, as Ontario’s TMC thread shows construction activity but a current picture in the thread for Hillsboro shows no construction activity.

Ontario, OR: needs a cone.


Just fixed these up!


What happens with Manresa (Barcelona) supercharger? It was present but had been removed from this site. Here info:

Remouchamp, Belgium should be called Remouchamps, Belgium.

HI @mathewls, I had a look in the feed but I couldn’t see it, so I assume it hasn’t been here unless it was completely deleted by keith. Some of the European contributors might know more.

@Cheetah now fixed!


Thanks for this website! Just wondering if the China supercharger data is up to date? Looks like the press is quoting 2000+ supercharging piles in China and a manual count on the Tesla website is ~2500 supercharging piles. This is versus ~1660 here.


My guess is that this site’s numbers probably aren’t up-to-date. I don’t know if there are currently any Chinese editors or regular contributors. I think almost all of the supercharger sites in China are added solely based on them showing up on Tesla’s map as a newly operational supercharger. And if Tesla subsequently ends up expanding a station, adding more charging posts after it’s been in operation for a while, I sort of doubt that it would often be caught. I don’t think there’s any regular auditing of the info here, comparing it to what Tesla says. Mostly those expansions and changes in the US/Canada or Europe only get made because there is a community of users actively reporting them.

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Got it, I would think so too! Interested to see how they catch up with their new 4K units superchargers in China this year. Thanks a lot!


China is a weird one, very few of the ones on are spotted by locals - most of them are added from the feed that comes direct from the Tesla website.

However admins have access to a feed that shows all the sites that both Tesla have but we don’t - and also we have but Tesla don’t. Quite a few Chinese superchargers have popped up on that latter list over the years. By that I mean sites which were formerly on the Tesla list, now aren’t.

These only get removed if a editor does it, and to my knowledge none have. We don’t know for sure if the superchargers have actually been removed, or if they have just been unlisted by Tesla. (Quite a few sites worldwide are unlisted by Tesla but since they still exist in the real world, they remain on

So long story short, the numbers might be slightly wrong, but with more Chinese superchargers on here, that Tesla have on their site.

And also, stall count…
Sometime the data gets parsed wrong and the number of stalls gets mixed up with some other field. I can’t see this with any Chinese ones at the moment, but here’s an example with Taiwanese sites. The “data” says that there are 120 stalls per site, but obviously that’s the listed charge speed. Anyway - just another way the numbers can mis-align!

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Who wants to do this?