Supercharger - La Roca del Valles, Spain


Confirmed by Tesla that the construction of “La Roca Village” Supercharger is ongoing, after some delays.
Admins, you have it already created on the map, but pointing to a forum thread that is not up to date. Would recommend you changing it to this thread I’m starting now.


Here there are some pictures about the actual state:

Location: 41.60765, 2.34093

Tesla confirmed that they are going to be 12 V4 SuCs.


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Hello everyone!!!
I went to “La Roca Village” (name of the shopping center) and took a few pictures of the works… it was ten o clock in the morning and there was nobody working… I hope this one does not share the fate of Badalona’s and Sallent’s SuCs.

And now the “photos”!!!

Welcome sign and car:

General view:

Zooming inside the building area:

Power shet:

The stalls foundations (are these Tesla V4 standard foundations?):

Hope you enjoyed the report and (even more) that the construction reaches the end.

Cheers now!!!


As I was driving southbound on AP7, I took the chance to do a “fly by” the “La Roca Village” SuC, just to check the “tempo” of the works and I would say is not “Allegro”… not even “Andante”, I wpuld say it’s rather “Piano”.

This is how the construction site looks today (Nov. the 19th 2023) seventeen days after my last visit…

Not fast, I would say rather slow progress… :face_exhaling:


Hello dear colleagues.
I went (again) to La Roca Shopping Center last Thursday December the 7th.
Here a few pictures that show some progress but not fast… at least they didn’t stop the project like in Badalona or Sallent, that is something :face_exhaling:

Is this :point_down: a V4 supercharger stall base? :thinking:

Lets see if they give some more impulse to the construction and we can see it operational by Q1 2024, the initial Q3 2023 if definitely lost and Q4 2023 seems absolutely unreachable :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks for the update @Toni_Wan_Kenobi


Good day every one!!!

I wanted to start writing in a “happy mood”, but… no good news :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I made a little “SucC construction sites tour” that comprised La Roca del Vallès and Badalona.

Regarding the one of this thread (La Roca), it seems that will have to be added to the list of “abandoned constructions” :unamused: just have a look at the pictures taken today :point_down:

I would say that no further work has been done in here :thinking:

Well, time will say :roll_eyes:

Just have a look at the pictures taken today :smiley:

Twelve V4 stall at La Roca del Vallès SuC :smiley:

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Just back from a quick visit to La Roca del Vallès SuC.
It looks completely finished, 12 V4 stalls in a nice location with lots of shops, bars and restaurants.
I’m sure it will be a very pleasant charging experience there.

General view:

Electrifying “skirt up” picture of a V4 charger :rofl:

A short video:
Click for a short video of the place.

Now just waiting for all the unbelievably slow “bureaucracy” to end the job… actually there are two fully finished SuC stations in Catalonia awaiting “bureaucratic” permits, Sallent and La Roca :rage: