Supercharger - La Roca del Valles, Spain


Confirmed by Tesla that the construction of “La Roca Village” Supercharger is ongoing, after some delays.
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Here there are some pictures about the actual state:

Location: 41.60765, 2.34093

Tesla confirmed that they are going to be 12 V4 SuCs.


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Hello everyone!!!
I went to “La Roca Village” (name of the shopping center) and took a few pictures of the works… it was ten o clock in the morning and there was nobody working… I hope this one does not share the fate of Badalona’s and Sallent’s SuCs.

And now the “photos”!!!

Welcome sign and car:

General view:

Zooming inside the building area:

Power shet:

The stalls foundations (are these Tesla V4 standard foundations?):

Hope you enjoyed the report and (even more) that the construction reaches the end.

Cheers now!!!


As I was driving southbound on AP7, I took the chance to do a “fly by” the “La Roca Village” SuC, just to check the “tempo” of the works and I would say is not “Allegro”… not even “Andante”, I wpuld say it’s rather “Piano”.

This is how the construction site looks today (Nov. the 19th 2023) seventeen days after my last visit…

Not fast, I would say rather slow progress… :face_exhaling: