Supercharger Braak now with 12 Stalls which of them 4 are V3

Supercharger Braak in Germany just opened the extension today. Before it were 8 Stalls with 150kw max. Now the 4 new ones that were under construction for a long time opened and the 4 new ones are 250kw

The site was already updated to 12 stalls yesterday.
Since there are more V2 stalls (8) than V3 stalls (4) the kW-value will stay at 150 for now.
(This was a decision reached by the editors, since the owner and programmer of the site has no time to update the code of this website to reflect new developments like mixed Supercharger sites)

We encourage to not open a new thread but to use the site update thread to let us know about small changes on existing sites.

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