Supercharger Blois (France)


Good news for the French department 41, I have obtained information from the Town Departmentt.
A supercharger will be construct near the Movie Theater “Cap Ciné”.
A 16 charging station. in the parking of the “Cap Ciné de Blois”.
Located near the highway entrance / exit.

How update (push) this info on the supercharge site ?


Hi, do you have any link or copy of that info?
What town/city is this ?

Blois of course :slight_smile:

Yes Blois
Postal Code 41000

Hey @YBeaujean, thank you for letting us know. That’s good news for sure!

For the time being, I’d rather wait for the final permit because it’s only a “dossier de Déclaration Préalable” according to your post on the French forum. :slight_smile:

Superchargeurs implantés récemment et à venir - Page 61 - Tesla - Forum Automobile Propre (

Please let us know as soon as it’s a final permit and/or construction has started!

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