Supercharger - Barcelona Northeast (Badalona), Spain

I went to the possible location of the said SuC, hope I went to the wrong place because:

  1. I didn’t see any work or preparation for works in the alleged location.

  2. Access is very narrow, with a final turn into the tickets dispenser in which I had to make a manoeuvre back and forward in order to make the narrow sharp turn (with a model 3… so guess with a model S or X). The way out is also fairly difficult, had to be extra careful not to scratch the sides of the car with the corners of the turn.

  3. The car park has opening time limitations, right now opening time is from 09:30 to 21:00 Monday to Saturday, Sunday closed.

As I said at the very beginning of this message, I hope I went to the wrong place and the SuC will be somewhere else :thinking:

Cheers by now

2022-10-05T22:00:00Z EDITING:

Chances that I went to the wrong parking lot are big, I’ll get back to the (possibly) right Parking lot tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Will keep you informed.

Often the coming soon locations on the Tesla maps are in the wrong place entirely.

They are used are placeholders. Like they will place them in say the middle of a town etc when it is in a separate location.

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I was so disappointed that I could not wait till tomorrow and the place is not that far… so I made a second visit.

My suspicions were right, I went to the wrong parking lot. The right one has the entrance a bit further up the street, and is wider and easier to use than the one I referred to on my previous message, the way out, is also roomier.

The address is:

Carrer de la Concòrdia, 1
08917 Badalona

Here is a photo of the entrance:

N 41°26,64’ E 002°13,886’
N 41,444º E 002,2314º

Worksite is already set, in covers the area of 24 parking stands in two rows of 12 each, I am not quite sure if these spaces are wide enough, the number of charging spaces may be reduced by one or two on each row so as to provide wider stands.

Here a set three photos of the site:

Site exterior general view.
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Site exterior general view from opposite side.
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A look from above the fence :wink:
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Getting there is a bit tricky, anyway, the onboard navigator guided me with no problem at all.

I will get there in a few days to see how the works progress.

I’ll keep you informed :smiley:

NOTICE: I’ll upload the photos in the next three posts, sorry about that :slightly_frowning_face:

Site exterior general view.

Site exterior general view from opposite angle.

A look from above the fence :wink:

The opening hours of the parking lot as per the mall website…

…are as follows:

Monday to Thursday from 08:45 to 01:30 (next day)
Fridays from 08:45 to 02:00 (next day)
Saturdays from 08:45 to 02:00 (next day)
Sundays and holidays from 09:10 to 01:30 (next day)

Cheers by now :smiley:

I went to see how the works are progressing…
Not a lot, really…
Picts. taken today Tuesday, October the 11th around 18:30 CET

…again, as a new user I can post only one picture per message, so I’ll post another message for the second picture.

second picture

Just some metallic channels on the floor for wiring.

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Is just a guess, but I would say that the ratio between Charging stand and “actual” parking stands will be 2 charging positions every 3 actual paring stands, so if there are two rows of 12, total of 24, then the number of stalls will be of 8 on each row with a total of 16. I INSISTS, IS JUST A GUESS… :wink:

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Went to Màgic Badalona mall last Friday (October 28th), what a setback!!! I did not take any pictures as it was exactly as the first time I had been there :frowning_face:

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Well, finally after a short delay, (new opening target Q1 2023) it looks like they will make it…
According to what one of the building staff members told me, the delay was a consequence of the “inefficient” department in charge of the paperwork at “ENDESA”, the group of companies that “enjoy” a “defacto” monopoly of power distribution in the region.

February the 19th 2023:

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Thank you for all the detailed info.

It’s finally been added.

Thank you very much for the Infos. I’am visiting Cabrils and would like to know if SuC Badalona is open or not? Do you have any news

Not open yet because

a) local users such as @Toni_Wan_Kenobi haven’t posted any update
b) it’s not open in the Tesla app or in the in-car navigation
c) it’s not open on the Tesla website
d) it has not appeared on

Oh great, quick response. Merci beaucoup!
Hope the opening would be soon. Have a nice day


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As the announced opening was by Q1 2023, and three days have past, I decided to make another visit.
What a set back!!! I didn’t take any pictures as they would look exactly the same as the ones I posted last February :frowning:
It looks like the building site has been abandoned for the last couple of months.

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Oh no! lets hope it happens soon and not stopped for a year or so like has happened in Portugal

Went to the building site yesterday… the pictures I took, look exactly as the last ones, so, I will not upload them, doesn’t make sense. However, there is a screenshot I took a couple of minutes ago (June the 14th 2023 19:45 CET) which I would like to share with you…

I would say that nobody takes care of the updates “chez Tesla”…

Yeah, not much information about it.
Bureocracy in Spain, depending on the region, may take forever.

Let’s keep on waiting.