Request: New Markers to Specify 72 kW (Urban), 150 kW (V2), or 250 kW (V3) Superchargers

It would be helpful to have different colored markers on the map to denote whether a supercharger is:

  1. 72 kW (urban stall charge rate)
  2. 150 kW (updated V2 charge rate as of firmware 2019.12.1)
  3. 250 kW (V3 charge rate)

YES, yes, yes Love this idea. I’m really curious to see the V3 and might as well label the Urban’s too. GREAT suggestion. I even made a thread on TMC asking about the status of V3’s.

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Yes - BUT - what about those odd ones with a different capacity? Like 63kW? If there are not too many varieties this can be doable.

I have not personally seen a 63 kW supercharger, but I think the odd ones could just be labeled the same as the those with the nearest charge rate. A 63 kW charger, should be labeled as an urban charger, for example. Markers could be color-coded as follows, based on a range of charging rates:

Light Brown: 2.8 - 19.2 kW (Destination charger)
Light Green: 60 - 80 kW (Urban, typically 72 kW)
Med Green: 90 - 150 kW (V2, typically 150 kW)
Dark Green: 250+ kW (V3, typically 250 kW)

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Yes we need this data.

The new Las Vegas super charger station has 22 V3 @250watt but it also has 15 72watt urban chargers

No. It doesn’t. It has 24 250kw SCs and 15 Tesla HPWCs.


Are you just correcting the type of charger I mentioned or are you making the statement because they are high power wall chargers they do not count?

I think all Tesla installed chargers count and more detailed information regarding the type of power available is also useful.

Case in point I am trying to model the cost of individual stations and if more then one power levels is available at a site it completely throws off all estimates.

HPWCs aren’t Superchargers. HPWCs go from 6 to 18 kW, Superchargers go from 72 to 250 kw


With those numbers, 15 HPWCs combined will probably never exceed 250kW draw, so they can be safely ignored so far as power load calculations go.

Just commenting to second this suggestion.

I came into the forum to suggest exactly this, only to find great minds think alike!

This is, so I don’t know whether destination chargers need to appear. But I would LOVE if we had three distinct colors (or shapes if easier) for:

  1. Urban (or any oddballs around that kW)
  2. V2 (120-150 kW)
  3. V3 (250 kW)

That would add an instant layer of meaning to the map, without having to drill down on each location.

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You could use this app, which has different color features,
Purple is 250kW
Red is 120-150kW
Poo-brown is 72kW

Superchargers For Tesla

That helps in the meantime! :slight_smile: