Pull-in vs pull-through stalls

Continuing the discussion from Superchargers with drive through stalls for cars towing trailers/caravans:

@Rovastar, when you are adding this feature, please consider distinguishing between pull-in and pull-through stalls. Given a choice of available supercharger locations, that distinction may be appreciated by some. A count of such stalls at the SC site would also be nice, at least in the description, if not in a filter.

Would the data for these new fields need to be supplied via this forum, or do you have other sources available?

Yeah we are considering these options.
Yeah Pull in and pull through are different and we will account for that.

Considered a more generic trailer friendly but that still adds complexity. People with say a bike rake behind might struggle to reverse in or other EVs may have not convenient chartering port location.

It is actually more complex for things like no official pull through spot but you can do it, pull through spots but they are in a multiple level car park with height restrictions, etc

We will probably want to have the amount of stalls that are pull-in or pull through (and the power for each) as that is the most useful but that adds more complexity to the backend of the site.

Things are a little slow to get this in added as a lot of changes need to be made.

There are no sources that we know of for this information so we will be needing the community to help out there