Palette Supercharger at Nürburgring, Germany

To add or not to add… that is the question:

Telsa on Instagram

According to Tesla Twitter not temporary.

Position maybe around here: 50°20’07.3"N 6°56’54.0"E

Hi ibuza,

Just added Nürburgring on the map, with 2 stalls.
Marked as in Construction.
Thanks for the info.

Well… normally we do not add maybe-positions. Also we do not know if it is publicly accessible yet. And since I am an Editor myself, I wanted to wait until things are clearer before adding it…

According to Tesla it’s not temporary.
And no, we don’t know yet if it’s public.
Should I delete it?

Only Keith can delete entrys. We will see. I guess tomorrow we will have more information.

Thanks ibuza

The editor of BrigdeToGantry tweeted this:

I do not know about the temporary part (It is a palette charger, so it is supposed to be temprorary, but could be replaced with a permanent one in the future), but since Dale is a local it seems that it is not publicly accessible (at the moment).

I’ll be making a trip up Monday, if no one’s confirmed by then. I’ll have coords and pics.

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Position is confirmed and it is not (yet?) publicly accessible:

I will therefor set it to temporary offline.


New (second?) position publicly accessible according to:

New GPS coords and publicly accessible.


Are these the stairs the the charger is partially blocking?

Indeed publicly accessible, see this post on TMC:

Supercharger is now without power according to:

And back working ok:

Charger worked this weekend and does not appear to be on the network due to no cost to charge.

Looks like new stalls are being added as per this reddit post:ürburgring/

Actually, it looks like this is at another location not far away from the current stalls judging from the picture and comparing to google sattelite imagery (new one at the circle if I am not mistaken)


nürburgring V3 is up and running with 4 stalls… old v2 supercharger in the neighborhood can be deleted