Palette Supercharger at Nürburgring, Germany

To add or not to add… that is the question:

Telsa on Instagram

According to Tesla Twitter not temporary.

Position maybe around here: 50°20’07.3"N 6°56’54.0"E

Hi ibuza,

Just added Nürburgring on the map, with 2 stalls.
Marked as in Construction.
Thanks for the info.

Well… normally we do not add maybe-positions. Also we do not know if it is publicly accessible yet. And since I am an Editor myself, I wanted to wait until things are clearer before adding it…

According to Tesla it’s not temporary.
And no, we don’t know yet if it’s public.
Should I delete it?

Only Keith can delete entrys. We will see. I guess tomorrow we will have more information.

Thanks ibuza

The editor of BrigdeToGantry tweeted this:

I do not know about the temporary part (It is a palette charger, so it is supposed to be temprorary, but could be replaced with a permanent one in the future), but since Dale is a local it seems that it is not publicly accessible (at the moment).

I’ll be making a trip up Monday, if no one’s confirmed by then. I’ll have coords and pics.

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Position is confirmed and it is not (yet?) publicly accessible:

I will therefor set it to temporary offline.


New (second?) position publicly accessible according to:

New GPS coords and publicly accessible.


Are these the stairs the the charger is partially blocking?

Indeed publicly accessible, see this post on TMC:

Supercharger is now without power according to:

And back working ok: