No permit given yet

Whoever added Lillehammer Strandtorget Norway and Reine Norway today has jumped the gun. In the Norwegian forum I posted today I have written that Tesla has applied for a permit, but no permit is given yet.

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Doesn’t matter. Don’t know who added it but I think they’re going on the premise that it will be approved

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I don’t know if the standard for Norwegian (or European) sites is the same as for North American ones, but I know that often lists US sites before a real building permit has been issued. The blue “permit” dots are really more “in development” dots, than literal permit dots. So long as there is an exact known location/address and they know the supercharger is in development for that location, they’ll list it.

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Agree with @MrPlugShare and @mociaf9 here - “permit” is more of a North American term that doesn’t really mean the exact same thing in other countries. We use it to indicate a supercharger where the location is known and verified but is pre-construction.

I added these - and the permits are in process but not yet approved. As stated above this is enough as we see an exact location and stall count. If it is not approved at first then Tesla might change some details and try again. If they give up and the blue dot stays for a long time with no further action - or if info from the permit process indicates a final denial we will remove the blue dot. I think we have removed a handful of blue dots from over all these years…