missing superchargers in china

Hey everyone! i noticed that if you turn the tesla website in chinese, it only shows superchargers in china, but it shows a lot more that are reported here on supercharge info. Please check into this to add them if possible :slight_smile:

Maybe other countries shows more in their respective language than in english, haven’t checked out every language yet.


Yeah, no

yeah, why no though??

just, no

I wouldn’t mind adding them (could be a bit of a long-term project for me).


That’d be amazing, @Kaliningrad. It’s a massive project, and Tesla is rapidly adding new Superchargers in China.


massive project indeed :slight_smile:
I’ll see what I can do.


If it helps, I’ve noticed that these locations show up on the https://twitter.com/teslacharging feed. It’s not real time (they space out the tweets to give a regular stream of content at generally equal intervals) but it could still be useful.

@DrTesla - If you’re interested in the backstory, there’s some further discussion about the China superchargers in this thread: Superchargers China - #16 by chuq


Okay, I’ve added the first few locations, and I’ll keep them coming. Let me know if you spot any errors or inconsistencies. The info should be accurate though, I’ve triple-checked using Baidu maps, Google maps, satellite view, Google Translate, DeepL, etc.


Thanks @Kaliningrad, we appreciate this!

Since these aren’t always “new” Superchargers being added, it’s probably best to delete them from the “Changelog” tab after you’ve added them. This prevents the Changes page from being overwhelmed with the addition of a lot of newly entered Superchargers all at once. It also prevents the @superchargefeed Twitter account from posting these as updates. This is how it was handled when @Chuq added the previous batch of China Superchargers a while back, and that seemed to work well.

Also, try to trim down the GPS coordinates to 6 decimal places. It keeps the popups in the UI clean and the extra precision isn’t necessary for our purposes.

Thank you for taking on this project!


Great work, @Kaliningrad.

One other suggestion would be to format the names of these new entries to match the style used on supercharge.info thus far. That is, with a dash between city and location:

“City - Location, China”

Instead of “City, Location, China”.