google maps alternatives


Starting a thread to discuss google maps alternatives. source code is now here:

Some options (collecting suggestions sent to

Other options:

  • Continue to use google maps but charge say $50/year for capability to use street view and routing (most expensive features, as far as I can tell).
  • has been averaging about 3,000 unique visitors per day with occasional spikes to 4k or 5k. Looks like the google maps cost was just under $60/day when I shut it down.


Hi Keith,

There were a few suggestions on reddit as well - I’m not sure if there is anything of use?


While you are trying to fix the map issue, perhaps you could make a link for each supercharger site discussion from that site’s line on the Data page. Sounds like a lot of work, but perhaps it would give most visitors the information they most enjoy.
I have been checking in for the last few months and really like reading about the progress of new sites and the discussions that your readers share.


This already exist, the link is in the rightmost column.


Keith, I find great value in your site and I refer to it often. If you decide to charge a yearly fee for use, I will be happy to pay for access.


I’m with Gene on willingness to pay a fee for use. This, along with the Tesla site for destination chargers, are exactly what’s needed to make trip planning work easily.

Would Tesla be interested in supporting your site?


It seems the map is back on. Was that intentional Keith or is the site now eating your savings?


I have made a few changes and am experimenting with some approaches to reduce cost. May disable an additional google maps feature (street view, satellite view, nearby, search location, routing, etc) each day over the next few days and observe the impact on cost.


Since Google has added EV chargers to Maps perhaps they would be supportive of your work. Maybe more so if links could be made to Google Maps directly for features they consider commercial? Just a thought, since I am addicted to :wink:


Glad the map function is back! I noticed that the search box doesn’t seem to work. Is there a workaround aside from going to Google Maps or Plugshare to find the location?


I’m still experimenting a bit with ways to reduce the cost of google maps API usage. As that continues some features may come and go.


Hi @keith and everyone involved in coding - I just ran into this article - by the owner of another website going through the same issues.

I have no idea if it helps but thought I’d share in case!


Thanks chuq, some good information there.


Can you share anything about the (early) results of this testing? Are you feeling confident that you can find a formula that works, or do you think you’ll still have to pursue an alternative to Google Maps?


Google maps API usage for the first half of November fell within the free tier. Starting November 13 I passed that threshold and am now seeing some high usage peeks (holiday planning in the US I guess). I placed a strict quota on the API usage and the map will now stop working after about $20 used in a single day.

Converting to open street map is a lot of work. Was able to spend a couple hours this evening, and, well, I have the markers showing up:

That is something…


It will definitely take a while to get all features working on openstreetmap. And even then, there is the question of cost. The above map was generated using mapbox as the “tile provider”. Their pricing ( is significantly less than googles (maybe 10% or so) at my current usage level. But if becomes more popular (which we want) I could eventually grow to where the mapbox costs approach current costs at google. Maybe there are still cheaper options out there with the necessary features. I’ll keep looking as time permits.

In the mean time I think I need to try this patreon idea, to keep the site running. Really stepping out of my comfort zone, but here it is. I’ll post it just for the limited audience in this forum first and see if anyone has thoughts to share:

I guess that link would go in a banner at the top of, visible to each user one time only.


I’ve signed up!

Maybe want to change the “You are now a Patron of Keith” to “Patron of” or something similar!


Also just spotted a typo in the URL in the description:


Hi Keith - got your own Tesla yet? I think posting your referral code will give you some benefit back for all the hard work and the great effort you have made for electric mobility by creating

Or make it even more tempting to be a patreon by randomly selecting one of the patreons every day and displaying that persons referral code that day?


Signed up too! And posted about supporting on the national Tesla forums on Facebook in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.