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André, I finally converted my day 1 model 3 reservation into an order on October 18th: mid range, deep blue metallic, 19" sport wheels, and white interior. Expecting delivery in the next few weeks. Last time we talked (last year) one of the things I said was “hopefully” the model 3 out sells Chevy bolt in 2018. Looks like it will be about 130,000 models 3 vs about 17,000 Bolts. With Tesla delivering to North America only so far. Why was I even concerned. :slight_smile: I like the referral code ideas, will definitely consider those. I already see three other patreon joins due to your Facebook post (based on the last names).

Charles, thanks for the suggestion and correction. I have fixed the typo and will see if I can change the sign up message before I put the patreon link on later this evening.


Until you get enough supporters to maintain operations with some cushion or to re-expand back some of the limited functionality if that’s a goal, I think a higher rate of display is warranted. Or at least an initial period of time where it is always displayed.


96 patreons so far! When you wrote 200 needed you mush have guesstimated what level of support each was willing to give. Has the amounts pledged by each so far been according to your guess?


With 98 patrons at the moment: There is $204/month pledged. So very close to $2/person. Good progress I think.

$204 becomes $184 after fee (10% ouch) and about $140 after US taxes.

Google maps bills me on 18th:

  • Oct 18th to Nov 18th: $200.52
  • Nov 18th to Today: already at $180.00

Overall it looks like patreon will help balance the budget while I spend time converting to another map provider. If you include donations from gofundme campains, overall finances for the site are still approximately $2,500 positive, including all costs for the past 4 years.


open street map implementation:

Routing is not working 100% yet, but soon. Progress.


The texture is very different. Also, the map pins are out of line and I was wondering if it could be fixed? image|666x500


I’m not able to view the image MrPlugShare. Is it showing a construction icon not aligned correctly with the pop up over it? Aware of that, but wondering if what you found is something else.


That was pretty much it but I see it was fixed as they are back in line with the new map. Happy new year keith and everyone else!


It looks good. The only issue that I noticed is that there is no time estimate shown on the legs of a multi-leg route, which I use all the time for route planning.

Best wishes for 2019!


You probably already know this, but two issues with the new map:

  • clicking on a site name from the changes list is very hit and miss as to where it takes you on the map
  • clicking on the ‘Nearby’ link from the map pop-up goes into limbo - actually a url like this:


Thanks for the feedback JSergeant, very helpful.

  • Durations are now shown for individual route legs.
  • I improved change list to map navigation a bit. Thought it was fixed, but now that I’m working from a slower computer I see that the first navigation (first time map is displayed) still does not consistently show the correct location. More work to do.
  • Nearby links are still a work in progress.

Expected to have more time to program over the Holidays but with two kids…did not have much at all.

If interested here is the change list for converting from google map to openstreetmap:

Red lines represent code deleted, green code added. About ten hours of work over two sessions.