Denmark: potential duplicate Åbenrå vs Rødekro

The entry for Åbenrå, id 1769, does not have a locationId stored and also doesn’t seem to be listed on

I suspect it might be a duplicate for Rødekro, id 400

No, please use the search function of the forum:

Thanks for the clarification, my apologies. If you want I can delete the thread altogether.

This location is a bit odd. There first was just the 6 stalls next to the Shell station. Then the fastfood chain Sunset Boulevard opened a new location just a few houses up the road behind Shell - and Tesla added another 10 stalls next to Sunset. Thus we ended up with two locations here at - while Tesla has merged these into one. I think is more correct - as you must know that the other stalls are located a few houses up/down the road. You cannot see the other stalls from either of these two sites.