Count error ?

Thanks for your great website that I’m using every time !!

First, I would like to report a count error (a bug ?):
the map indicates 427 opened superchargers in Europe, but in “Data”, I have counted 430 status “OPEN”. Why ??

Then, I have noticed that 8 European Superchargers in “Data” are not reported in “Changes”:
Aurland, Norway
Dombas, Norway
Dorno, Italy
Gol, Norway
Jettingen-Scheppach, Germany
Lier (south), Norway
Lillehammer, Norway
Lyngdal, Norway
Do you think it’s a mistake ?

I stated keeping track of individual site status changes in November of 2013. Any site that opened before that date (there are 38 of them) will not appear on the changelog.

Regarding site counts:

For counting sites: early on (when there were fewer than 100 sites) I attempted to keep total count in sync with the count on Tesla’s website. So I used the same counting methodology they used. They would only increase the count by one when a supercharger site had locations on either side of a highway, a North and South location. That seemed logical to me. From the perspective of a long distance traveler such sites really only add one more place to charge. On the edit page there is a “counted” field with true/false values. For example, we have “Darien, CT (north)” counted=true, and “Darien CT (south)” counted=false.

Probably would be better today if I just counted every database entry as one site.

Ok, I have understood the methodology of counting. It’s logical !
A northbound / southbound supercharger is seen only once during a round trip.
Don’t change anything.