Superchargers per country chart data bug?

Summary: for some countries there is a mismatch (of 1 or 2) between total open superchargers presented on charts versus number listed in data table.

Details: I was looking at the bar graph of Superchargers per Country (excluding USA/China). Normally no-one would bother reading off the actual column height data but I was motivated to drill into the data (reading off values reported when hovering over the columns) because the UK may be about to overtake Norway in terms of number of open Superchargers.

I cross-checked some numbers presented on the chart ( versus the data listings available under and found some mismatches (I didn’t check every country, just a few spot checks):

Figures are total Open - Construction - Permit

United Kingdom
Chart: 64 - 11 - 15
Data: 65 - 11 - 15

Chart: 66 - 2 - 5
Data: 67 - 2 - 5

Chart: 80 - 3 - 2
Data: 82 - 3 - 2

Chart: 29 - 2 - 0
Data: 30 - 2 - 0

Many of the columns tally with the data table though, for example:

Chart: 79 - 3 - 1
Data: 79 - 3 - 1

A spot check on France indicates this also seems to affect the Superchargers per Country pie chart data as well (chart says 80, data table has 82 listed as open).

Another wrinkle I noticed is that the data table column sorting is offset for some of the columns. For example if I sort by clicking on Column 9 (GPS), the data is sorted by Column 10 (Elevation).
Everything up to Column 7 (Stalls) appears to work as expected, I note that Column 8 (kW) doesn’t have a sort button and the “offset column sorting” happens from Column 9 onwards. So Column 8 looks like the troublemaker.

I’m using an Edge browser in case it makes any difference.

This is intended, some superchargers are not marked as “counted” because there are two superchargers on either side of the freeway (aka Southbound/Northbound). This is kinda described here: Count error ?

Here’s an example though:


Thanks for the explanation - I see the logic now based on how Tesla have historically counted their sites. I think they are doing themselves a disservice - in the UK at least you’re usually not allowed to cross over at split service areas so in those cases it can make a big difference if only one side has a Supercharger (Fleet would be a good UK example). But anyway so long as there is a logic I’m happy!

Apologies for repeating an old question!