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Hi all, I received this update from Patreon last week, and thought it would be worth sharing here - hopefully I haven’t pre-empted a big announcement from @corywright!

It seems like a good time to thank @keith for all his work in setting up and running this site! I hope to still see you hanging around the forum occasionally!

— Patreon post copied below —

Changes at

Greetings patrons.

I’m writing to let you know that after may years I am stepping away from this project.

Long time community member Cory Wright has agreed to take over hosting the site and coordinating future improvements. I believe he will discuss some of his plans at in the days ahead.

Cory and I have been working together for a few weeks to transfer the site infrastructure and code. The final step is to hand over this patreon account, which I will complete after sending this message. You’ll see the creator change from me to Cory, and all of your future contributions will go to Cory.

I have enjoyed working on and your contributions let me know that the work was appreciated.

Thank you!

Keith / Blueshift


I didn’t really have any big announcement planned, so no worries there. :slight_smile:

And yes, I agree that we all owe @Keith a huge debt of gratitude for building and maintaining it for all these years. His efforts created a central place for this worldwide community of scavenger hunters to unite around. Thank you, Keith!

As the new caretaker of, I’m committed to keeping the site ad-free and open source. I think Keith made the right decision to use Patreon to support the site, and that’s the funding model I plan to continue with.

I do plan to eventually restart development on In the near term there are some bugs to fix and small features to add, and thankfully @Pluto has stepped up and begun addressing those. In the longer term I’d like to see us modernize the site, especially for mobile devices, and add long overdue features such as support for multiple plug types and stall speeds at the same location, more tracked metadata about each location, and maybe even a leaderboard feature for the “Superchargers Visited” players.

Before handing things over to me, Keith put a lot of work into preparing the codebase to be fully open source. And now that anyone can view the source code, I’d love to see more contributions come in from the community as we restart development.

In my view, is, first and foremost, a source for reliable data about Superchargers, and I feel it is our responsibility to the community, and to the users of third party apps that consume our API, to provide accurate information about any Supercharger location that we know about.

Thanks to all the contributors here, on TMC, and elsewhere for providing the updates that make useful. And I’d like to take this opportunity to especially thank all the editors who curate our database. As Tesla has increased the cadence of Supercharger rollouts it has become quite time consuming to monitor all of the sources for updates. Fortunately, we have a global team of energetic editors on the job 24/7. :slight_smile:



You guys are doing God’s work. Deeply appreciated. I use this site more than any other sites out there.

What is the Patreon link?

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