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hi, about site feedback, there is no feedback category on the About page.
so no way to make a feedback directly from it.

anyway: i am looking for chargers in France and i saw some differences in supercharger noted from the official tesla site and
that would be great if there were some tool to feedback the missing constructions and a way to suggest modifications in the site.

great work anyway, keep it up!


There used to be a way to submit anonymous feedback from the about page.

There was a high volume of submissions, more than I could keep up with. No way to reply to those unless submitter included email. And even if a user included their email for a response, then no one else would see or benefit from the answer. There was too much repeated feedback and questions.

Here on the forum the hope is:

  • Users can find the answer to their question if it has been asked before.
  • Everyone can contribute to answering new questions.
  • All of the editors can see news about site updates and potentially take action.