Ytterhogdal Supercharger

We can find this location doing a Google search. It show up on the right side next to the search results.

It say Hogdalsvägen 16, 840 90 Ytterhogdal, Sweden.

Opening date : 16th of May.

I don’t know if this can be taken seriously or not but there was already rumors in the past of this location replacing the planned “Sveg” Supercharger. Seams legit. Maybe someone in Sweden can check permit if the information is public.

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At this point there is nothing that indicating that a SuC is built at this location.
Same with Markaryd in Sweden.
Both were added based on marker in Google Maps, but at neither of the 2 locations there are any signs of a SuC.
I suggest to remove both from

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I agree. The Bussigny Supercharger in Switzerland first appear on Google Maps the same way Ytterhogdal / Markaryd were and this one is legit (work in progress on site and now confirmed by Tesla NL itself). That’s why I was quite confident for the 2 in Sweden but they are probably people wish introduced manually in Google Maps.

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Tesla has just updated the Supercharger map (on their website) and added a point in Ytterhogdal (without removing Sveg). Something is definitely happening there. To be checked.

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Sveg is no more on the Tesla map… so Ytterhogdal is more and more probable…

Why did someone remove the “Permit” status at Ytterhogdal?

I think there was no evidence that such a permit really exist. Do you have some info ?

Ah, ok. How is it possible to check the permits? Anyhow, the location is still under “Coming” on Tesla webpage and I hope the SuC will become reality.

Will check location myself when it is possible,

I don’t know how it work in Sweden but “permit” for any construction is usually public knowledge. I think the municipality should publish this info somewhere as soon as Tesla ask for a permit.

Let hope for a Supercharger here ! (I would have preferred Sveg but Ytterhogdal is fine)

Permits in Sweden are publicly accessible information. Both Ytterhogdal and Markaryd was added to earlier this year based on information from Google Maps (claiming opening dates in the then near future).

Locals passing by did however find no ongoing construction and no permits was found. Hence both sites were then removed from

Later the permit for Markaryd appeared and it was again added as a permit site on As of today there has been no reports of a permit for Ytterhogdal. I agree that the findus map indicates that it will eventually happen, but the dates on the findus pages tends to be VERY approximate and many of these have been listed for years now. Time will show…