Working on improved charts page

I decided to fork the codebase and take a stab at working on some additional charts (basically the features suggested here). To start off with, you can see the equivalent of this chart below (except the graph on TMC is for stalls):

I’m also planning on organizing the charts page so you can navigate to the type of chart you want to see. Anyways, are there any suggestions for other changes while I’m at it?

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I have an update to my progress.

First, I think I’ve figured out how to organize the charts page. There will be two main tabs, which are historical charts (this shows changes to the Supercharger network over time) and today’s charts.

For historical charts, each filter will include four types of charts to view at once:

  • Stacked continent data
  • Side by side continent data
  • Top 5 country data
  • Country data excluding US/China

The filters you’d be able to apply here are by choosing which status you’d like to look at (permit, construction, or open) and which type of growth (cumulative/total supercharger line chart, new superchargers per month bar chart, or percentage of all statuses per country/region line chart). The default would be total open over time, but you could also choose to view a moving percentage of superchargers under construction over time. The only thing missing here is switching between supercharger location counts and supercharger stall counts; this data isn’t quite available historically (this is all there is right now).

For today’s charts, it would be the remainder of the charts page as it exists today:

  • Pie chart of top 5 countries
  • Bar chart of all countries besides US and China
  • Bar chart of all US states
  • Bar chart of all Chinese provinces
  • Bar chart of length of times that each supercharger has been under construction/permit

Second, I’ve successfully recreated the Open Superchargers by Region chart using change data reliably (as opposed to only the open date). This lets me create historical charts for any status (instead of only the open status). The work I’ve done here also makes it easy for me to display the change history when you click to view a supercharger location.

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