Weird Power Listings for some entries

I have noticed some non standard Supercharger power ratings at some locations as follows.

Bersteland, Germany, 104kW
Otočac, Croatia, 108 kW
San Antonio, TX, 122 kW
East Brunswick - State Route 18, NJ, 145 kW
Shanghai - Gigafactory 3, China, 145 kW
Cedar City, UT, 56 kW
Taipei City - Beitou District, Taiwan, 58 kW
Hsinchu City, Taiwan, 58 kW
Karlskrona, Sweden, 60 kW
Miami - Mary Brickell Village, FL, 63 kW
Machelen, Belgium, 73 kW

Are these legit? Looks like some are just plain wrong.

Thought you’d like to know to keep your database straight.


Thanks @JPWhite, yes there are a few like this. The Tesla map usually only shows 72, 150, or 250, whereas the map in the car itself will sometimes show a different value. I think a lot of the ones listed above are different for that reason. Often its a site which is “dialled down” due to electrical supply limits at the location.

I think the 145 kW ones are probably 150 kW but need to verify. The rest can be verified through the “discuss” links (they should all have them).

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