WayBack fixes

I have managed to get WayBack working locally.
It’s not quite as it was before, as I have re-used the regular info popup rather than the simplified popup that was used before.

  • Replaced Marker.setVisible calls with changes to the visibility style of markers’ elements, to hide and show the markers…
  • Replace use of Google Maps infoPopup with’s info popup.
  • At the end, displays all the marker elements that were hidden.

How can I get these changes merged to

I’m going through and patching some of the main bugs that popped up when replacing Google Maps, and that included squashing this one. Keith happened to merge three fixes into the site this evening, so now this one is taken care of. Go ahead and try it out on and see how it works for you.

I would’ve answered earlier regarding contributing if I had seen your post, but have you used git/version control? If so, then once you fork the repository as well as commit and push your changes back to GitHub, you can create a pull request for Keith to review your updates and merge them in.

Forking and making a pull request would be done with the web interface on GitHub, while committing and pushing would be done on your computer. If you’re making multiple pull requests simultaneously (ie. multiple fixes), you’ll need to put these code changes on different branches.

If you haven’t used git before, I recommend learning how as it’s valuable in the software development world. There should be tons of resources out there, this one would help you get started: