"Way Back" can't be turned off

The “Way Back” animation is fun! But I couldn’t find a way to return to a normal map other than reloading the page.

Also I think “Wayback” is the more accurate term. That’s what the Internet Archive uses, and the original Sherman & Peabody Wayback Machine was spelled like that too. I didn’t understand what “Way Back” meant until I clicked it.


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Thanks @JohnnyVector.

This one slipped through the net for the release. I noticed it before when testing but this bug made it through.

More updates coming soon.


I noticed this as well. The workaround for it seems to be to log out of your account and back in and then all the current SuC locations will be shown.

I wish the Way Back feature could be modified or filtered. For instance:

  1. Start at a current date instead of the beginning each time
  2. Filter to only show SuC in a certain region throughout the timeline.

Thanks for all the work that is done on this site, it is a great resource to the community!