Waasis, NB

There is a new supercharger under construction outside Fredericton, NB, Canada:

Trans-Canada Hwy. (NB Hwy 2) Exit 297, Waasis, NB E3B 9E1

Photos credit: dddire (obtained from B. Long on Plugshare).

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Thanks, updated!

I’m a bit surprised to see action in Fredericton before Medway ME, Baileyville ME, Woodstock NB or Enfield NS, but I guess I can’t complain. In a year we should be pretty mobile.

Thanks for posting my pics, found at Tesla Model 3 Canadian Group on Facebook.

Here is the is the complete set from the start including todays.

Sorry, I got caught up in posting them, and forgot to give you credit. My apologies. I got them from PlugShare.

Updated OP.

There are 8 of these in the ground now. Not typical of what I’ve seen before. Is this what a 72kw stall base looks like?

They mounted them the same way in Aulac, NB.

You can see in the pictures, Tesla equipment is now on site.


Good progress. Looks like most of the underground work is pretty much completed.

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It looks like the stalls are installed. This image was posted to the New Brunswick EV Owners group half an hour ago. (Credit: Josh Gorham)

Edit: No idea why it’s so small.

This station is live, at least temporarily. This is according to a member of the FB group EVAAC (EV Association of Atlantic Canada).

Looks open, pic taken today. I didn’t bring the Tesla down for the holidays because of the supercharger gap between Riviere-du-Loup and Fredericton makes it too sketchy in the winter so I wasn’t able to test it.

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