V2 vs V3 NACS naming across the map

I’m not sure exactly how to phrase this, but I was thinking about how the broader site names are done across the supercharge.info map in regards to the NACS standard. With this in mind I pose a question to the larger audience here regarding how superchargers should be labeled.

The question boils down to: Is NACS the physical connector, or is NACS a connection standard that all EV’s can use? I say this as V2 sites on Supercharge.info are still labeled as NACS, even though V2 sites will never allow non-Tesla’s to use them. Since it’s not compatible with other EV’s, do V2 sites really comply with the North American Charging Standard? Or are they just chargers with a Tesla Connector?

Not sure what’s right or wrong here, but NACS naming does imply that it will charge any vehicle, when for V2 superchargers that is not the case.

Yes they is plenty of confusion about what NACS means in connector vs standards. We are planning the address this confusion on the site in the next update.