Upgrade at Gretna Green Services, Scotland


Admin: Would it not be useful to add another category of marker to your list describing an existing site in the process of being upgraded? I guess you could add the usual ‘permit’ and ‘construction’ symbols to an existing ‘red blob’ but it would be useful to have the red circle be a different colour to immediately indicate that the site is still open (if it is) but also being expanded. If the site is closed whilst the upgrade happens then the ‘temporarily closed’ marker would be more appropriate with a permit/construction to indicate what is going on.

I mention all this as what was a 4 bay SuC site at Gretna Green Services on the A74M just north of the English border has just been upgraded to 14 (?) bays but appears to not quite be open yet… and the SuC.info map shows it as open when it is not (and hasn’t been for a while, apparently).

Keep up the good work. MW