Updates ground to a halt

Since Elon fired the whole supercharger team the updates on supercharger.info have ceased. Will updates resume?

Check your filters maybe? It’s a legit question as to how many more updates we’ll see in the next few days/weeks, but it’s certainly NOT the case that the supercharge.info editors have stopped updating altogether.


Nothing in US since April 29th. 7 entries on the 28th.11 entries on the 27th. Seems like a change. ?

Only one US entry on each of the 26th and 23rd. Zero on the 20th. Seems like noisy data and too little to infer a pattern to me. (Source: my full-time job has me working on products that infer patterns from noisy data.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m intensely concerned about the news of the supercharger team being fired and what it means for the future of the network and hardware. And I do expect fewer updates in the near future as implications from the firing sink in. But Elon did not (and cannot) fire any of the volunteer editors at supercharge.info, which is open source and independent from Tesla. :slight_smile:


We don’t really know the extent of these firings of the supercharger team are and the impact on superchargers now and the future.

It seems that ongoing construction will continue and permit and planned stations are on hold and could very well be cancelled. At least in the North America. It is seems unclear elsewhere in the world if this is happening and to the same extent, especially in the new markets like Thailand, Malaysia, Chile, Qatar, etc.
And mainland China always seems to operate to their own rules separately to the main US HQ.
Those new China one I added in the last day or so may well have been online sometime in the last week since I last did a check, maybe we will see less here going forward here too.

We still need to decide what our site will do about the planned and permitted sites we have logged. We will keep them for now but it may well be that we delete a bunch/most of these as it seems that many of these will not be happening.

It is just a wait and see at the moment. It seems there will be some new superchargers and expansions happening still just at a slower pace.

We will try and provide the best information about the superchargers that are out there for everyone.