Two new sites in Palm Springs, CA, area

The official Tesla website notes 2 Supercharge locations scheduled to open in 2019 which are not yet listed on this website’s map. One is located in Palm Desert and the other is a second location in Indio:

Nay, for not yay. If there isn’t a pin here, there is no external info. Try searching around, permits, malls, etc.

Also @chuq lone pine Cali now has 6 (7) stalls with a temporary pallet.

What differentiates this site’s map/database from Tesla’s is that doesn’t list upcoming locations until there is an outside source that identifies the exact location/address. Something like a Planning/Zoning board meeting with adequate information, a building permit application, or someone stumbling across an active construction site that is identifiable as a Tesla supercharger installation via the on-site equipment. I.e. things which definitively indicate that a specific location has been chosen and put in development by Tesla. If you’re just comparing to Tesla’s map, you’ll see that there are probably more than 300 grey, “Coming Soon in 2019” pins that don’t yet have a corresponding marker on this site’s map because no one has yet found corroborating evidence that they are in active development. Also, Tesla’s map only identifies the city in which the Coming Soon stations will go, not the exact location like the markers for this site.

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Thanks for the explanation! I see now why this website and forum are different and so very useful. I’ll see what I can do in the future to contribute more useful information!