Tesla Twitter declaring 20k superchargers

Based on the following tweet, it appears Tesla is declaring they’ve reached 20,000 supercharger stalls: https://twitter.com/Tesla/status/1325493014941216768

However supercharge.info’s site data only indicates 18241 stalls are opened. Furthermore, including all sites under construction, I get 19248 stalls. Is there a chance that there’s some discrepancy in the data we have?

In my opinion the most likely scenario is they made a mistake and meant to say 2,000 supercharger locations. Looking at number of locations, they reached 2,000 stations open on October 30th (and are now currently at 2,016 stations). This is further supported by Tesla’s site which agrees with supercharge.info’s data: https://www.tesla.com/supercharger

Another possibility is that they’ve recently hit 20,000 superchargers produced but not yet installed although I haven’t seen them use this metric before.

What do you guys think?

Someone asked me the same question a while ago. The reason: China

It’s the only country in the world that we don’t update. First, because Tesla doesn’t provide Chinese updates on Find Us, and second, because there’s no pressure to update anything there. There’s hardly anyone from China that even knows about Supercharge Info.

The market over there has really exploded so I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2000 missing stalls are there.


There are definitely many discrepancies in the data (just look at the “Comparisons” tab on the editor interface and see!
In many cases, the Tesla data is wrong, and supercharge.info is right (based on people visiting/taking photos of the site).
In some cases there is weird mismatch of fields, where the speed gets registered as the stall count, but this probably only affects 3rd party sites using the API, it might not show up in Tesla’s internal data. Examples of this are the first two entries in this list - the erroneous stall counts align exactly to the kW of the site:


(The other three are just general data mismatches - we would have to check the individual threads/photos to confirm which is correct)

That’s a good point, we used to get occasional updates from China but haven’t had one for at least a year - this explains it.

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