Temporary Santa Monica site

Now here’s a weird one. How do we classify this?

Description says only available Fridays and Sundays for 11 hours a day. I think “limited hours” could apply but it’s a bit of a stretch here when it’s available for a total of 22 hours per week!

From memory the last time this happened it was at a site which already had some existing permanent stalls, so I think we just ignored it…

Considering that construction could begin soon on this same site for the permanent Superchargers, I think we should ignore it for now. We also don’t know how long Tesla plans to continue sending the trucks down there, it could just to help alleviate Memorial Day weekend loads.


Thanks @corywright - that probably makes the most sense!

Note: recent update on TMC says that someone spoke to one of the Tesla guys and they plan to have the temporary units there every Friday & Sunday until they break ground on the new V3 site, so construction shouldn’t be far away.