Sveg, Sweden

More local knowledge help!

I notice our entry says 2x 100 kW (and photos support the 2-stall config at least). The official Tesla site says 8x 120 kW.

Anyone more in the know on this one?

100 kW is from the in-car map. Cannot remember if I was able to see the number of stalls. I will have another look.

In-car map still shows only 100 kW (and no number of stalls, since I am too far away).
Very recent report on Google maps for the site seems to confirm 2 stalls and 100kW.
Pics on Google maps from Febuary 2020 seem to confirm 2 stalls on a palette charger. So maybe Tesla plans to expand the site to 8 stalls and is a bit early with the info on their findus-site.

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