Superchargers - Zarechye, Russia

Why is this Supercharger not on the site?
Zarechye is a public Supercharger for what I know

Any reason it was taken off @chuq @keith

I think this supercharger was set up by someone else than Tesla and in a location not accessible by the public. Is it a golf clubhouse or something?

Tesla didn’t install it but it is public.Moscow’s Tesla Club did.

Skolkovo Restaurant&Bar
Skolkovskoye Shosse, 100 строение 1, Zarechye, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 143085

It used to be on here but @keith removed it at some point. Not sure what the issue was!

Thought it was private after the discussion in this thread:

Seem to remember some other comments at the time supporting it being private, but I can’t find them now. Search of turns up nothing.

There is this on TMC:

@keith If the location stays, is it worth removing the entry from the changelog? Otherwise Zac & Jesse (among others) may report it as a “new” station on their next week?

After having asked someone from the Moscow Tesla Club if Sarechye was open to the public, he stated that it was public but that the owner of the Skolkovo golf club didn’t want it to be on sites likes supercharge info. Should we remove it or turn it into a limited hours Supercharger? Now I understand why it was removed. Sorry @keith

Wonder why the owner does not want it listed? To avoid the publicity? Risk of abuse/theft? If so it should be removed totally and not only listed as limited hours.

What I was told is the owner doesn’t want “additional traffic to the site”

“Doesn’t want additional traffic” means to me that the owner wants this for his original customers (the members of the golf club) and not other cars that might come by who are not members of the golf club.

What he told me is, all the Tesla Owners in Moscow know about this location, and that you just have to tell security at the entrance that you need to charge, so no, your concern is misplaced.

So - what should the conclusion be? List it or not?

@blueshift, your pick.