Superchargers in Türkiye

This location has been opened on 30th January 2024 mid day. Updated on Lixhium. There will be 8 more stalls on the other side of the road. Congrats Türkiye! Thank you Tesla!

Bu lokasyon 30 Ocak 2024 öğle vakti açıldı. Lixhium’da güncellendi. Yolun diğer tarafında 8 istasyon daha olacak. Tebrikler Türkiye! Tesla’ya teşekkürler!

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Here is the link of the opened Supercharger on Tesla’s Find Us: Bizi Bul | Tesla

Perfect :star_struck: how more how better but this is normally not the way Tesla is working the same situation was in Serbia at the aleksinac (Niš) supercharger it was ready for some time but they didn’t opened it until beograd was finished so ether the other 3 are opening tomorrow or there is a change in the way Tesla is working

If there are any officials of Tesla reading this forum please put some chargers in the north of Greece at least one in Saloniki because it’s terrible to drive from and to Athens from Turkey at the moment there are only a few chargers and only one yes just one 180 kWh chargers so please do something about north Greece also

Off course we will need one in Tekirdag also to connect İstanbul :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Interesting is the fact that the discussed “O320 Akhisar, Izmir Bound, Turkey SUC” is not yet visible (confirmed) under Tesla Superchargers in Turkey | Tesla

Good would be to have a local driver confirming charge there and post a picture

Thx & Cheers

That must have been a bug because it is actually on their website: O320 Akhisar, Izmir Bound, Turkey | Tesla

OK, Thx :+1:

Sep '23
I arrived at SuC Edirne, still no Network. Just an disappointingly Situation.

Sorry a bit late answer…but I’m new to this forum:

There is in deed internet connectivity to a Tesla car. BUT your SIM card in the vehicle from your country must include Turkyie for roaming.

When I drove the first time from Switzerland to Turkyie back in 2019, Connevtivity was working all the way including all ex-Yugoslavian countries. :smiley:
From 2021 it was not working anymore (?) because the SIM card from the new Swiss provider (Sunrise) markes Turkyie geographicaly as outside “Europe”.

The workaround was to purchase a hardware Box from Turk Telecom plus a 20 GB SIM card and conncet inside the car like a Hotspot - Works now perfectly after crossing the border from Bulgaria - Turkyie :+1:


Thanks for answering :+1:. Right, Hotspot was the only way to get connected. I did it the Same way, but it would be more elegant with a working Network to the SIM in the car. Somehow, we are able to help the situation with hotspot from phone are tablet.

Hello guys
How to handle in sentry mode, does it also work with hotspot or does it go into sleep mode, and can you check the car with the app when it is connected to the hotspot or does it also go into sleep mode so the app is useless?

Thanks for your input.

A hotspot with my Swiss Mobilephone would cost me a fortune because of high roaming costs.

The key question is the business & covarage policy of the Telecom company providing the SIM card of your Tesla and the question if it covers Turkey roaming.

The small Box plus a 20 GB SIM card from Türk Telecom are penauts costs compared to using my Swiss Mobile Phone.

Hoi Megatron,
Switzerland sounds good. I Live since November 2022 in Switzerland :wink:.
So, the SIM in my Tesla is from the Netherlands, it works all over EU and also in Switzerland. It don´t work in Serbia and Türkiye. In Serbia last summer i used the Company phone and bought a 50MB data to get connected to Network with the hotspot of the company Phone.
In Türkiye i buy a prepaid SIM, put it in my Tab, and Connect the Tesla with the tab. So i have Network all the time. Even when i leave the car, i let the tab in the car and i was able to check the state of Charge for example. I´m with you, otherwise it is much to expensive.

As long as your device (hotspot) has enough power, you can check the car all the time.
After the car is connected to the hotspot everything is OK, even after leaving the car you can check everything with the app as lond as your Phone or tablet has Network or wifi. But, if you enter the car again and start to drive, you have to reconnect the car with the hotspot. Dont know why.

Anybody local have an idea by when (month) the Gemlik SuC will be activated?

O320 İstanbul bound estimated opening march 1 2024



Probably the Gemlik Izmir and Istanbul bound will open at the same time

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Thank you!
Hopefully… :crossed_fingers: We’re planning to pass by in April on the way to Izmir.

Does anybody have information / guestimation regarding sales start of Model 3 SR in Turkey?