Superchargers in Türkiye

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Last weekend I was on O-5 highway and stopped by the construction sites of the superchargers.

Superchargers at O68 Gemlik Southbound (towards Izmir) look ready now:

At the opposite side of the road at O68 Gemlik Northbound (towards Istanbul) there is still a lot to do, but electricians were working on a Sunday afternoon which is promising.

On O178 Susurluk Southbound (towards Izmir) there were signs of charging stations, but I can’t tell if it’s Tesla or not. Similarly, on O204 Balıkesir Kuzey Northbound (towards Istanbul) there were same cablework going on.

On a side note, EŞARJ put up a billboard to announce they will soon open a charging station on O122 Muratlı. ZES has been the only operator on this highway since it was opened in 2019. Interesting to see that both Tesla and Eşarj (and maybe some others) had to wait until the end of this year to put a charging station on one of the busiest roads in the country.


Hey there,

There is a new Tesla Supercharger installation starting in Turkey at another Oksijen facility (O320 Akhisar). This is the location:

Here is a photo taken today:

I have also obtained information that this will also be at both sides of the facility.

Source: Tesla Owners Türkiye


Very nice now Izmir is also linked to the supercharger network only 2 or 3 to go to link antalya


There will be 8 supercharger :muscle:t3:
I hope there upgrade so they can be more than 8 in the future :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thanks for the info. I have added this now to the southbound services. I presume there will be on northbound too at some point like they did at Gemlik.


Agree, otherwise it becomes far too complicated, you have to take a detour when driving in the opposite direction

Hi, 8 stall V3 250kW Superchargers at Gemlik O68 and Manisa O320 stations will be installed in both directions.

In total, there will be 16 stall V3 Superchargers at each station.

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Does that mean all the places where they build 8 places they also built 8 on the opposite side of the roadway?

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Like this?

Yes that way.

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Waooou :heart_eyes:

How is it going with the 4 location, is there anyone passing by maybe a few pictures?

Just passed today. O68 northbound is resdy for energisation. Hopefully will be open next week. O320 nortbound the installation is going on. There are alao new chargers at O 68 and O320. As of today 19 chargers installed at O68.

19 supercharger at the 068?
Was it 8 that was supposed to be at 068?

And next time some pictures please :blush::+1:t3:

I think @iuyar meant that with all the other providers like ZES and EŞARJ, there will be 19 chargers in total. Last weekend I saw electricians working on O68 Gemlik, O122 Muratlı ve O135 Karacabey for EŞARJ.

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Latest update on Ballıca - Akhisar/Manisa O320: after seeing the equipment on site, installation seems to have started and almost complete. This is a photo taken from one side and the other side probably has work going on as well.


Wow, they’re almost done
How about the opposite side Oksijen 320-B Aksihar?

Will share that side as well as soon as anything comes.

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Ballıca - Southbound, Turkey is open. Tesla calls it O320 Akhisar, Izmir Bound, Turkey.
It’s open to all EVs.