Supercharger Wörth an der Isar Germany

Supercharger in Wörth an der Isar in Lower Bavaria was approved by town council.
It will consist of 8 stalls with preperation of additional 4 stalls. I assume it is 150KW v2 as the grid connection will be around 1MW.

Will be located here:
Forum thread:
Will monitor construction process.

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But not approved by administrative district office yet as you wrote yourself on TFF-Forum.

So no permit entry yet.

Hi Ibuza,

here some more evidence :smiley:

here is the news from another user before me.

and this is the agenda of the town council meeting on the 3rd of march (section to construction permits, the second point).[news]=570&tx_news_pi1[controller]=News&tx_news_pi1[action]=detail&cHash=ec5dcdc4d67a690cf2d35c2d4f1e6cbd

Sorry that this is all in german.



BTW the information that only 8 stalls will be build now and about the provded grid connect power is from the local electricity provider. I called them.

It is not the lack of evidence that a permit is in the process of being issued and we do not insist to actually see a permit here to add a site, but the permit-process should be at a point where it is just a formality of the permit being issued. This is not the case here. Some biased bonehead in the administrative district office could still halt the process. One of the reasons we do this is that only Keith the owner of the site can delete entries and he is a busy man. We want to be sure that a site is really a supercharger-síte (clear in this case) and that there really is a permit (not the case here yet).

Yes, I got it somehow I just read it wrongly in first place. My fault :smiley:

Yeah could @keith “promote” someone into doing that job?

Someone who’s here almost every day, adds quite a few sites

Not me though, I fear I’d be deleting sites here and there.

put this one up to the top again.

permission is now granted from public side for building the SC site. Construction should start in September.
updated location:

Construction site is behind a fence now and they started drilling underneath the street to put the connecting power cables to the location.

The name Wörth can also be written Woerth. Would be great if somebody could correct the data.



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Name was corrected but sites with status permit are only set to construction if there is i.e. Tesla material on site.

SuC site is active. 8x 250KW

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