Supercharger - Weibersbrunn, Germany

hi… new Supercharger Weibersbrunn is under construction at Best Western Hotel Brunnenhof

Gesetzte Markierung
In der Nähe von 63879 Weibersbrunn

looks like 12 V3 stalls

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this is the relevant facebook Link… the hotel itself made it official

Thank you - now added

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hi correction 16 v3 stalls will be installed… on site they have already 4 v3 rectifiers cabinets… and the construction worker confirmed 16 stalls


weibersbrunn is nearly ready…
the pavement works have to be done still

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amazing… supercharger Weibersbrunn goes online tomorrow… happy charging!!!

Weibersbrunn is up and running

really great supercharger

even with trashbin :slight_smile: