Supercharger - Vila-Seca, Spain

Maybe the first V4 supercharger in Spain (TBC).
Not advertised yet on Tesla website.
8 stalls.

Being built on the parking lot of the NouPort center (41.096, 1.150)


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Thank you. I have added this now,


Confirmed by Club Tesla Spain that 8 stalls V4.
First V4 of Spain.

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The location is 50 meters off, the exact location is 41.096207, 1.150499

Also the Cambrils supercharger (a few km to the west) is slighly off too, the exact location of that one is 41.086299, 1.037811. You can see this one on Street View Google Maps

August 29, 2023 pictures:

Can confirm 8 V4 + 4 Destination Chargers

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Pictures taken yesterday by user of the Club Tesla Spain.
They seem built, with card payment options included.


Club Tesla Spain just announced it just opened!

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Thanks, updated


I charged there, Model S 2016, with some problems.
First the charge did’n start; I changed place, same problem. changed again place.
Afrer many tentatives at the end the charge started.
But the problems did not ended. When I was finished charging and wanted to live,
the charging port of the Car opened, and opened, and opened again!
But the Problem was that the car said “Impossible to drive, key not present”.
I was blocked there, but I was not alone: anoder Model S was also blocked there with the same problem!
We lost almost 45 minutes, in trying, and trying,and trying to drive .At the end we went free to drive: one with the hand keaping the chargin port close,the other trying to put the car in D. The Tesla service answered only after we solved the Problem…
I hope they will solve the Problem.