Supercharger - Vienna North, Austria

Visited the site where the new Supercharger site in the northern Part of Vienna, Austria is going to be built.
Planned for Q3 according to Tesla Website but apparently I’d guess it’ll be launched much earlier. Transformers, stalls and foundations are already on site.

Exact coordinates: 48.24722421238934, 16.46442195608149

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2 transformers / 8 stalls ?
Edit: Ah I see 16 in the video:

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Yep, 16 Stalls based in the gear that was delivered to the site.

Progressing nicely!
Underground cables done, stalls are being installed as we speak. I’d suppose stalls will be installed by end of next week (at the latest), next step the cabinets.

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I think SC Vienna North will open soon - according to picture from today.
SC Wien Nord


yeah, I’d also think so!! Workers yesterday said “next week” but not so sure if they’re informed about all plans.

Up and running nicely, just charged @ 250kW