Supercharger - Vejle, Denmark

16 Stalls are being established in the Vejle South area:

Location, approx: 55.66388555110747, 9.550474873396576 - near Burger King in area being build

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Thanks a lot! It’s been added.

According to the news article in the above facebook post, Tesla say they will probably start construction in july/august/september, but the property owner say the construction most likely will start in 2024 because of limited access to electricity in the area for the moment.

So: You should change status of Vejle from construction to permit

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Thank you for the info. We normally set a site to “construction” as soon as Tesla equipment arrives on site, which seems to be the case here (see @allanpoulsen’s photo).

I monitor the Danish forum and news though and will change the status if needed.

The Photo is from a newspaper article, not an actual foto from the site. I support torje, the state right now should be set to Permit. I am sorry for the mess, I should have translated relevant info from the article.

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Aaaaah, my bad, sorry about that.

I didn’t read the article (although I know Danish) because you’re our most trusted source for Denmark, @allanpoulsen.

Permit it is then! :slight_smile:

Sorry again and thank you both.