Supercharger - Växjö, Sweden

Construction started for a new Supercharger in Växjö, Sweden according to some pictures found on Facebook.
This seems to be the location: 56.884208, 14.763302

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Are you sure this isn’t the first location in Uzbekistan? :wink:
Anyway, it’s been added as Växjö.

People on the Swedish forum say that there’s also construction in Trollhättan but there aren’t any pictures.

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That was my first thought as well before looking at the name of the shopping mall where it is located :wink: Thanks for adding it!

There is this picture of the construction in Trollhättan on Facebook

Nothing in the picture fully confirms it even though the person who posted it claims to be 99,9% sure that it’s Tesla’s new supercharger. It seems very likely since it’s exactly the same location as the pin on Tesla’s map (58.3135858, 12.2990187). Not sure if that’s enough to add on the map here?

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Hej igen, and thanks a lot.

I agree with the original poster that it’s probably the Supercharger location. Let’s just wait for Tesla equipment to arrive, which shouldn’t take long. :slight_smile:

Seems like there will be 16 stalls in Växjö :slightly_smiling_face:

(Picture found on Facebook)


Thanks. Updated this now.