Supercharger v3

Supercharger v3 will be launched in a few days. Regarding the recording of this information here, I think the “Power (kW)” field will be sufficient (it’s free text, so we can just use whatever number is announced as the max capacity).

However it might be an issue if some sites have only a few stalls upgraded at a time. It might need to be a per-stall value (or per supercharger unit value).

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New to me that they are going to upgrade part of existing sites.
Although the rumours are that V3 could fit into the existing cabinets.

The source for that information (no idea about its reliability) is this Reddit thread:

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@Roberto I’m not saying they definitely will, just looking at examples of older sites where they had v1 SCs, and when the site was expanded with SC v2 units they kept the v1 ones around (although that was many years ago, most have been upgraded by now).

Also the sites which have 120kW units and been supplemented with temporary urban 72kW units on sleds.

Just examples of how different stalls at the same site can have different configs.

So peak speed has been confirmed as 250kW.

This is evidence of a “v3 beta test site” at Kato Rd, Fremont. This location appeared in the nav display of a Model 3 owner. Must be public?

Apparently only in the nav display of owners that have installed the firmware update under the Early Access program.
If they are going to mix v3 with v2 sites it will be usefull to show that info in the site records indeed.

Oh and we need to update 120kW records to 145kW :wink:

ps: which site is Kato Road btw ? Freemont Boulevard ?

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Here. Chuq do you know why it was removed?

I think @keith removed it when the pedestals were taken out some months back?

If I remember correctly, V2 superchargers were initially 135kW (the labels on the cabinets still say that) instead of 145kW so we might need to verify the actual maximum output on a case by case basis rather than change all the 120s into 145s.


I haven’t watched it yet, but someone on TMC said during the Model Y event, Elon announced the site (Hawthorne, CA) was now an active V3 site (but not all stalls).

What should we do with sites with mixed speed stalls? List at the highest speed? That was what happened at SC locations which got a sled with urban superchargers.

Sadly, not being a brand new site, this won’t appear on the “changes” tab … but oh well, can’t have everything!

I have the FW update with v3 support. Just came back from a road trip where I encountered 2 V2 superchargers that have been updated to the 145kW rate. Any provision for people to report these so they show up on the map correctly? It would be helpful to others for trip planning since at this point it doesn’t appear that tesla has updated all of them to 145kW.

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happymonkey, did you encounter any v2 superchargers which had not been updated to 145 kW? Does your navigation screen show 120 kW or 145 kW? For now, you can report 145 kW superchargers here, thanks.

Navigation still shows them all as 120s. Not all have been updated. I used 3:
Fairfield, CA: 145
Folsom-Palladio, CA: 120
Gardnerville, NV: 145


For those who can check their nav, do Hawthorne or Fremont show up as 250kW yet?

Fremont is still “temporarily closed”. Hawthorne is 150 kW on my nav, but that might be because I don’t have the software update to draw 250 kW.

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FYI all - looks like the first v3 has been spotted - based solely on the electricity capacity being supplied to it (I guess they could be over-sizing it for future expansion but v3 is probably more likely)

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FYI. Yes, there are two superchargers in Madison. One has been updated to 150, and the other (older) one is still 120.
Pleasant Prairie is also still 120.

It would awesome to be able to filter the default map with Supercharger charging level/rate to visually track the deployment/expansion of the faster SuCs. Great work on everything, thanks!


I complete agree with this request.

I think it would be really helpful to update the icons on the map to indicate which version it is. 1) it’ll help show the build out and 2) it may help you avoid stopping at slower Supercharger (I made the mistake of stopping at a v1 recently and it wasn’t fun!)

Right now permitting and open are the same shape, different color. If you keep the dot for open locations you could use the color to designate the version (urban, v1, v2, v3).

I know the information is on the map now, but it requires two clicks. Yes, seems like a small amount, but this would increase ease of use. Could even have an option to turn this feature off it having 4 colors is too much for some folks.


Possibility of this enhancement? Another v3 location was announced.