Supercharger - Türkheim Bayern, Germany


Fresh from the German tff-forum “Supercharger in Deutschland” two new posts from user " HoLLe" for a new SuC location in construction, thanks HoLLe!!

There is a Pin in Teslas SuC map for the last three years (or even longer) called “Windach” which will probably become this location:

8 stalls V3

Autohof Türkheim
Aral Gas Station
Mindelheimer Str. 1
86842 Türkheim


please add this supercharger as under construction


Why doesn’t this one show up in the list of changes or on the map?

Could someone please add it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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supercharger Türkheim is now available
First People charged in Türkheim

I think you call the Supercharger Windach

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Now updated and renamed :slight_smile:

Thanks a million!

Yesterday (2021-05-21) evening around 20:00 charging was possible, there were 6 from 8 stalls online, two were wrapped and offline. Yesterday and until today the SuC is not shown in the onboard navigation, thus yet not officially available according to my understanding. This means that the location could be switched off (temporarily) when additional work is necessary. Since today is already weekend (Saturday) and more-so tomorrow and Monday are bank holidays, I do not expect the SuC to be visible in the car before Tuesday or later.

Perhaps you can put an abbreviated version into the comments?

6/8 stalls functional, not officially opened/available in onboard navigation yet (2021-05-22)

Thanks a million! Oaito.

in one or two days we should see the supercharger in the Navigation… lets see how it is named

Hi! Since today ~1pm the SuC Türkheim started showing in onboard navigation and the app:


6/8 available (1D and 2D are offline and wrapped)

BR! Oaito.

Another update, since yesterday (25th May) around 1pm the 7th and 8th stall went online, all 8 stalls are available as shown in the SUC-MAP:

BR! Oaito.

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